Marella Cruises


Job Summary

Marella Cruises Hiring company
Shipboard Location
Contract Job type
6 Months length
Call Salary
Cook Position

The Cook is responsible for the preparation of the various menu items according to recipes and photos provided by shipboard management.


Essential duties and responsibilities


Man a station in the galley, assigned by the Executive Chef, in order to become familiar with various tasks.
Assist with the transportation of food items from the Main Stores to the galley.
Clean and sanitize work area and utensils used, in accordance with Shipsan, the European sanitation program and United States Public Health Rules and Regulations.
Be on standby in the galley periodically when the ship is subject to a Shipsan/ USPH inspection.
Possess the ability to taste all foods to ensure correct preparation.


Minimum experience and qualification requirements for position:

        Fluent in written and spoken English

        Must be able to communicate effectively with the senior management

        Minimum of two years in the profession in quality hotels, restaurants or cruise ship environment.

Contract length: 8 months

Salary: 1100$

Necessary documents:


        Passport or ID card