What is the GDPR

(General Data Protection Regulation)?

From the start, we have taken significant measures to protect your personal data on our platform and within our company processes. Below illustrates how Sea Agency is fulfilling the GDPR requirements and embracing the individual rights as described under the GDPR.

The GDPR is a comprehensive EU data privacy law that goes into effect on May 25, 2018 and states that everyone has a right to protection of their personal data. This applies not only to EU companies, but to all companies who process data for EU residents.

What We’re Doing?

Data Portability and Management Tools

Import/Export Tool

Import your data from other sources or export in a standardized formats

Data management

You have full insight and control over which data is being shared and processed, and the ability to update or remove that data.

Data encryption and decentralized storage

All your data is encrypted for security and safely stored.

Access to your data

You have full control over which applications have access to your personal data.

Delete data/account

When you delete data, your data is completely deleted from our servers.

Data protection team

We’ve assembled a team dedicated to protecting your data.

For All our empowering-users

We believe there are no boundaries to these basic human rights. That’s why we’re applying these measures to all of our users, not just EU residents.

Third party processor audit

We are continuously reviewing all of our third party data processors that interact with our user’s data to ensure they are compliant.

Updated privacy policy

Our privacy policy has been updated to provide further transparency into how data is processed by Sea Agency.

Multiple team trainings

Every individual on our team has received multiple trainings on data protection to understand the requirements needed.

Internal security audit

We have undergone multiple security audits to fully secure our users’ data.

Data mapping

We have documented and understand how data is processed by our platform starting from the initial submission of any type of data.

Official data breach process

We have an official process to communicate any potential breaches in data that may occur with our users’ data.

Official data protection team

We have setup a cross-departmental team to ensure data protection across the company.

Channel for data requests

e have setup processing@sea-agency.com as a channel to directly contact our data protection team.