Life onboard

For better understanding what the cruise companies expect from their candidates and applicants, please watch below video which will give you insight on what they expect.


To qualify, you must pass a criminal background check and be:

  • At least 21 years of age
  • Able to command and comprehend English with fluency in reading, writing and speaking
  • Able to successfully complete all pre-employment requirements, which include obtaining a valid passport and C1/D Seaman's visa from United States Consulate.
  • Willing to commit to, and be available for, a full contract as determined by the contract length
  • Able to work a 7-day, 70-hour work week with limited time off
  • Able to prove that you have at least 2 years of recent and related job experience
  • Flexible toward ship life, job duties, job schedule and location
  • Able to adhere to a structured lifestyle, personally and professionally
  • Appreciative of working and living in a multi-cultural environment
  • Willing to share a cabin
  • Passionate about quality guest service, especially within a family environment
  • Eager to work in a high-volume, fast-paced environment with enthusiasm for teamwork and a positive attitude
  • Genuinely interested in making career at sea
  • Willing to follow and perform a safety role, emergency duties and/or associated responsibilities
  • Willing and able to uphold the general safety management responsibilities specified in the Safety Management System
  • Willing to follow and embrace United States Public Health requirements and guidelines, as well as environmental requirements and company practices
  • Willing and able to adhere to the specific company look while under contract
  • Committed to the position you are applying for

"This is not just a job, this is a way of life"

Indeed, living on ship is different from anything you experienced so far. Living and working in fast-paced, multi-cultural environment of more than 50 nationalities while sailing and visiting beautiful places in the same time is something what most of the people didn't experience.
After you've been selected to work for a Company by a Human Resources Recruiter, your next step is to wait for a ship assignment. Your ship assignment is based on the business needs of the Company.
The length of time you may wait for your ship assignment may be anywhere between a few days to several months. This time can be used to prepare you to leave your home country for your exciting new adventure at sea. We as a Hiring partner do not have any dicision on the length of time you will wait.


The companies are committed to operating with "Safety First" for its guests and employees as a primary business objective, a responsibility of every employee, shipboard and shoreside, and a focus to assure that uncompromised standards of safety and health are practiced at all times.
Upon joining, each each candidate must pass Emergency trainings which will last approximately two weeks.
These trainings are mandatory and will be conducted during you work time off in most of the cases.

Rules ans Regulation's

We would like to point out below rules and regulation's which might defer from company to company, but basically these rules are the commonly accepted code of ship operations. Each Captain onboard has the authority to establish his rules and regulations, and may be different from the ones listed below. By joining the company, you would be ask to agree to live by these rules while working onboard

  • No drunkenness will be tolerated.
  • No Officer, Staff or Employee will possess or use illegal drugs or weapons.
  • No employee will use indecent language while on duty.
  • No employee will be involved in brawls or fights.
  • Only Officers are permitted to be in public areas when off duty.
  • Employees will not deface, abuse or steal the ship's property.
  • Respect must be given to Officers and Co-workers at all times.
  • Respect and courtesy must be given to guests at all times.
  • All shipboard employees must attend boat drills and other required safety drills.
  • Shipboard employees must report for duty on time.

As we mentioned above there is diversity onboard and it is a multicultural environment, among guests and co-workers. This mean that you will meet people from more than 50 different nationalities.

Zero Tolerance Policy on Harassment, Inappropriate Guest Interaction, Alcohol Abuse, and Crime

The Company will not tolerate undesirable behavior, such as harassment, Inappropriate Guest Interaction, testing over the alcohol limits established by the company, and crimes (including but not limited to violence, theft, or illegal drug use). Such behavior will result in the automatic imposition of severe penalties up to and including termination for first offenses.

Reality Check

Ship life is difficult and not for everyone. We would like you to consider some question's before applying, like:

Can I commit for a longer period away from my family and friends?


Does working in a high-volume, fast-paced cruise ships exite me?


Am I willing to share a cabin?


Am I okay with company appearance guidelines?


Can I adapt to working every day with limited time off?


Does this type of working environment suits my professional and personal interests?


Would I be able to cover joining costs?

We beleive that you might have some questions. Please refer to our Frequently Asked Question's

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