Assistant Storekeeper

Marella Cruises


Job Summary

Marella Cruises Hiring company
Shipboard Location
Contract Job type
6 Months length
Call Salary
Assistant Storekeeper Position

The Assistant Storekeeper, under the guidance of the Provision Master, is responsible for cleaning and maintaining the food stores, and ensuring correct and safe storage practices during provision loading.


Essential duties and responsibilities


- Follow company policy regarding: storage, receiving, and issuing of stores.
Learn all products/items in the stores.
- Ensure accurate issuance of all approved requisitions, noting item description and quantity ordered.
- Receive and store all Food Department merchandise.
Oversee all merchandise in area of responsibility
- Restrict access to, and issuance of, all items to authorized personnel only.
- Issue items only upon receipt of an approved requisition.
- Restrict store access to authorized personnel only.
- Prevent access to store and removal of any unauthorized items by unauthorized personnel.
Check and record storeroom temperatures on a regular basis.
Report any anomalies, malfunctions or damage immediately to the Provision Master for follow up.
Inspect storerooms for damage or spoilage
- Record expiration dates to minimize any potential losses.
- Report any findings immediately to the Provision Master.
- Ensure proper rotation of merchandise using FIFO (first in - first out) procedures and color coded Use First stickers.
- Maintain assigned area in the event of announced or unannounced Shipsan or Unites States Public Health- type inspection done by either onboard Senior Management or actual health inspectors.
- Know the ships rules and regulations pertaining to assigned area.

Minimum experience and qualification requirements for position:

       - Fluent in written and spoken English

       - Must be able to communicate effectively with the senior management.

Contract length: 8months

Salary: 950$

Necessary documents:

  •        CV
  •        Passport or ID card
  •        Photo